Franciscan University

The Franciscan University, supported by the Charitable and Literary Society of St. Francis of Assisi - North Zone, is a higher education institution of private law with a confessional and communal nature. The city of Santa Maria, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, was the place chosen for the founding of Immaculate Conception Philosophy, Sciences and Language School (FIC) and Our Lady Mediatrix Nursing School (FACEM), which were pioneering higher education institutions in the region.
The founding of both schools FIC and FACEM played an important role in the transformation of Santa Maria’s society. The functioning of the institutions created a new moment in the lives of young people who could, from now on, attend university and improve their professional skills. On October 1, 1998, the two schools were joined to become the Franciscan University.

Directive Board
Sister Irani Rupolo

Sister Inacir Pederiva
Dean of Administration

Vanilde Bisognin
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Solange Binotto Fagan
Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension

The Franciscan University, based on the Franciscan principles, has the mission to build, organize and socialize knowledge in order to promote professional growth and human development.

The Franciscan university seeks to be an institution of national and international reference through its excellence in teaching, research and social insertion, thus, contributing to the development of science for the service of life.