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Technology Incubator

The Incubator of Technological Innovation Companies aims to support the creation, consolidation and modernization of micro and small businesses. It is a technical and scientific organization that encourages the creation and development of micro and small industrial and service enterprises with an innovative and/or technological basis through a supplementary training of the entrepreneur in technical and managerial aspects in order to facilitate and to streamline the innovation process.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is the correlation of higher education with human and social development. Education as a fundamental right is an asset that contributes positively to human dignity, individual’s welfare and the sociocultural development of society. The institutional attention to social demands allows finding new possibilities to unite knowledge with situations that require solutions. This social inclusion is actually a key element for the achievement of the educational proposition.


The Franciscan University's library, located in Campus I at 1614 Andradas Street, offers its academic community a wide researching and studying area. Its archive includes a total of 178,400 volumes, with online access to its catalogue. The library also offers the following services to the academic community: online borrowing, renewal and reservation of items; bibliographic search; guidelines support; guided tours; users training; bibliographic exchange; Internet access; scanner for imaging and printing. It is considered the most complete library in the central region of the state due to the wide range of its collection and the variety of titles.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall Angelita Stefani is designed to receive the most diverse forms of art, such as collections, paintings, sculptures and multimedia exhibits, as well as academic, scientific, artistic and cultural displays in order to socialize knowledge and culture with the academic and community audiences.